Un Día Menos

Feature Documentary // Directora: Ana Lucía Faerrón

This film portraits the artistic process of the theatre group inside a women prison.  It was shot between 2008 and 2010 and one of the challenges was to give narrative unity to a material very dissimilar. The sequence show below is an example of the material was edited.

We had two big groups of material: the presentations (in jail and in the National Theatre of Costa Rica) and the rehearsals along with the process of writing the play. Between the director and I decided to cut in between the presentations, jumping from one place to the other. And then we used the rehearsals and the workshops inside the prison to explain how the play was born, so we come and go from the play itself to the process.  One thing reflects on the other.

Un Día Menos_Escena: Clase de DDHH from Lorenzo Mora on Vimeo.