Fiction  // Director: Mignon

Medusa was a process that I accompanied from the script to the edition.  From the beginning the director and me talk about the fluctuant game between the scenes. Finding the atmosphere and for my, the game with temporality. What is present? What is past? What is an illusion? The decision to start with a black screen along with a soundtrack that incorporated elements from future scenes was an idea that we had while working with the script and it worked as planned. The cut in the second shot of the film is set just after the “action”. The actor, steady, waits for the signal of the director; so it gives the idea that he maybe is imagining what we just saw. The third shot, the women in the bathtub, lunches other questions: are the in the same time-space? Is there and ellipsis?. This game between time and space will be present through out the rest of the film.

Medusa_Escena:Inicio from Lorenzo Mora on Vimeo.